CreativeMe (CreaCIT) is a creative and cross-disciplinary e-learning environment for product development. It is the results of an educational EU project called CreaCIT. CreativeMe is is about:
- Creativity
- Multi- and cross-disciplinary approach
- Narration and visual learning
- User oriented product development
The project was led by the Digital Media Centre at Dublin Institute of Technology, which along with its partners took the challenge to create a creative learning environment that operates across national, linguistic and cultural boundaries, improving the quality and effectiveness of education.
We were asked with a number of other illustrators to create a series of screen-based illustrations to help illustrate an e-learning module, each module had 6 tasks. The tasks offer real-life inspired problem solving and allow for multi and cross-disciplinary learning.
Our module was themed 'Health and Wellbeing' we decided to brand each task with a character which helped with the narrative of each task. We were also aware of enhancing the user experience, so each character brought a sense of humour and quirkiness to the task.

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